Hi there, I'm THC. I've been making random stuff with Python for a few years, getting semi-good at it.

Stuff I Like

Digital Ocean for a cheap VPS. That's a referral link, we both get points or something if you sign up with it. Azure and AWS are more prevalent in the business world, but heck...DigitalOcean is smaller, similarly priced, they've got lots of nice How-To docs. I've been hosting with them for at least five years. Super solid platform.

MXGuardDog is an awesome free anti spam software. Basically free if you copy their ad code into your site. Anywhere on your site, even the 404 page or something random. Weird, but that didn't stop my 404 page from having scammy ads for diamonds for a few years to rack up like a decade of free service.

Synology as a NAS. They work flawlessly and require minimal configuration, but there's endless cool techy things you can do if you're so inclined. Don't be cheap, get the five-bay.

Office365 over Google Apps / G-Suite / Whatever they're called now for a $10/month cloud mail solution. Google took away my unlimited storage, I took away my $10 a month! I don't have any huge benefits for Office365 besides getting five free Office licenses!

Windows 10 for a desktop OS. MacOS makes my head hurt, not a huge fan of Windows 11.

RHEL generally for server operating systems. Lightweight, speedy, cheap.

ESXI for baremetal hypervisors.

iPhone over Android. iPhones are nice and neat and standard, it's nice to not have to worry about my phone's general functionality on a day to day basis. I broke Android phones a lot.

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