Things I've Written

Password Buddy - A password generating website that sucks a little less, for a little bit. Wordlists used, if you're curious.
THC Automated Help Desk - An automated help desk for all your IT needs
Adam and Steve - A dorky website I made years ago for a work buddy. I think I broke this when I carried it over. Also, I don't do cocaine, I thought Powder Monkey was a pirate phrase. - An HTTP tarpit that I send DDOSers to
BadApe-Bot- BadApe, the ShillScoring Monkey. Appears in Reddit Bot form as u/BadApe-Bot.

Things I'm Mirroring

Counterfeiting Stock - A mirror of
Counterfeiting Stock - PDF Version
Gafgarian's God-Tier DD (Mirrored) - More Gamestop stuff mirrored for the community.

External links

Github - My public Git repos